Here are a few fascinating or just plain interesting websites where you can pass the time.

Boat Anchor Manufacturers - images of last century's transceivers from Hughs Ominous Valve Works at [Accessed 24 May 2004].

Thierry Lombry (ON4SKY) has a fascinating site encompassing his amateur astronomy and amateur radio interests at Part of the site is in French but there is plenty in English. [Accessed 31 May 2004].

Where are you? Try this site. Zoom in on the maps to locate your property and use the coordinates provided. Then use the coordinates to get your Maidenhead Locator info. [Accessed 19 August 2004].

For almost everything you might need to know about antennas, try [Accessed 10 May 2004].

Marconi Calling - A fascinating exploration of Guglielmo Marconi's life, his scientific discoveries, the impact of wireless and the development of modern communications. [Accessed May 2004]

RigPix - Source of historical information and images of radios, accessories and more. [Accessed May 2004]

Gerard's Radio Corner - Images and details of vintage radios. [Accessed May 2004]

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