Born May 21st, 1948 at Tongala, Victoria, Australia into a dairy sharefarming family. One of 5 children, schooled at Leitchville Primary, Cohuna Primary and Lockington Consolidated and Higher Elementary schools - all in Victoria. Left school at the ripe old age of 15 years, midway through ninth year, to work on a dairy farm.
Started a 1960's music band at Lockington called The Enchanters in 1965 (that's me on the right at 19) playing topical music from that era. We used to tape the American Top 40, learn to play the songs and be publicly playing them before they hit the local hit parades. Joined the Victorian Railways in 1966 on the track gang at Lockington to help pay for a car that I had purchased. It took me 25 years to leave the railways during which time I purchased a number of cars.
Transferred in the railways to Manangatang in North Western Victoria in 1969 and started studying to become a Stationmaster. Became interested in Amateur Radio during this time and resolved to qualify as an amateur after passing the Stationmaster's examination in 1972.
Appointed Stationmaster at Glenrowan in North Eastern Victoria (where the famous Australian bushranger, Ned Kelly, was captured in 1880) in December 1972. Gained the Amateur Operator's Limited Certificate of Proficiency in 1976 and obtained the amateur license VK3ZGV. Purchased an IC-22A and IC-502 and resolved to study morse code for the full call one day.
Appointed Station Inspector in Melbourne in 1977 and after an early stint as Relieving Station Inspector and Relieving Area Stations Manager all over Victoria, was appointed Area Stations Manager in Melbourne. Became President of the Victorian Railways Institute Wireless Club - VK3RI for a few years until it folded. Gained morse code qualifications, firstly Novice level in March 1983 (callsign VK3KKC) and the Unrestricted level in June 1983 (callsign VK3CKC) replaced the IC-22A with an IC-290A. Remained in the same general employment capacity until 1991 when I decided to "go off the rails" as it were, and leave the railways. There were many corporate name changes from 1965 to 1991 and which one was which, and when, is now starting to blur.
Self-employed until 1995 when a change of residence was planned and moved to Axedale near Bendigo in Northern Victoria. Time for amateur radio had become limited and the "unwanted" FT-107M was sold with the hope that some time in the future, more time would be available.

Started another local band called The Renegades which lasted until New Year's Eve 2003. Other commitments were too much to enable it to continue.

Worked for a shade company in Bendigo from 1998 to 2003. The business had changed hands in 2002 and after 12 months I had had enough. Free time led me to purchase an AOR AR8200 MkIII scanner and what I heard induced me to rekindle the amateur radio interest that had lain dormant since 1995. I had no intentions of resuming the level of interest that I used to have but, in 12 months, it appears that I have now surpassed it.
Purchased an FT-847 in December 2003 and discovered many changes in amateur radio. Digital modes had increased and my curiosity was aroused. In my thirst for greater knowledge, and to more completely occupy my free time, I enrolled in an Advanced Diploma of Electronics Engineering course at the Bendigo Regional Institute of Technology, graduating in 2005. My quest to enhance my amateur radio enjoyment led to a search for PSK interfaces on the Internet. I also needed a suitable software program for controlling the FT-847 and I found the Ham Radio Deluxe suite of programs. After looking for a manual and finding out that there wasn't any, I decided to write my own and wrote the first manual for the program. Sadly, the manual is now seriously out of date but I may get time in the future to update it.
Spent five years after graduation as part of an television and electronics repair business, finally exiting in April 2010 and now have more time to devote to amateur radio and electronics.
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